Be inspired to improve creativity and communication!

Based on personal experience as an artist with a communications consultancy background, Nicole Gadiel delivers passionate, entertaining and inspiring talks that improve creativity and communication by opening your eyes to a unique perspective.

Talks are based on Nicole Gadiel's concept 'The Art of Seeing: It's not what we look at that matters, it's how we look at it and what we see'. Content will always be customized to best suit target audience and messaging needs. 

Target audience
Companies / Organizations / Educational Institutions

English or Danish

Duration will vary according to content. 

Please call or write to for price quote based on a talk tailored to your needs.

"When SAP’s art association visited the exhibition ‘There I Belong / Hammershøi by Elmgreen & Dragset’ at the National Gallery of Denmark, we asked Nicole Gadiel to be our private guide and to give us her perspective on the exhibition. This resulted in a very personal and extremely exciting experience which gave cause to interesting discussions… besides being a very entertaining and committed commentator, Nicole managed to involve all of us by way of her engaging empathy."
SAP Denmark  / Charlotte Bouet, Resource Manager

"Hewlett-Packard invited Nicole Gadiel to give her talk ‘The Art of Seeing’. She had been recommended as an interesting speaker with a twinkle in her eye and the ability to challenge people's ideas of what art is ... and why it's so important to keep our eyes open and really see. We weren’t dissapointed - on the contrary! Nicole managed to get our minds racing and put a smile on our faces as well.”
Hewlett-Packard / Jakob Schou Meding, Managing Director 

"Throughout Nicole Gadiel’s very inspiring talk, she enthralled the entire audience. One often sensed an 'a-ha' or an intake of breath when interpretations of Kurt Trampedach’s artworks or Nicole's own art photos were analysed intelligently, humouroulsy and understandably for everyone. And the concepts of art and communication were very elegantly connected; like two sides of the same coin.” 
Frederiksborg Rotary Club / Finn Arvid Olsson, Past-President

"It was very inspiring to launch our 3-day summer school about art with Nicole Gadiel's vividly presented talk 'The Art of Seeing”. The talk was delivered with passion and commitment - and included examples of Nicole's own lovely paintings and photos as well as artwork by Kurt Trampedach." 
Nærum Church / Niels Vincens Grunnet, Pastor