Honorable Mention at IPA OneShot Street Photo 2019

Happy that my work 'The Lost Art of Conversation / Part I' has been awarded an Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards / OneShot Street Photo Competition 2019.

IPA states that street photography is an artist's lens showing real life, chance encounters and random moments set again the backdrop of the urban landscape, and its soul is the citizens of this urban world.

‘The Lost Art of Conversation’ was photographed as part of a series over the course of several months in 2017. Each image in the series is based on an impromptu photo op that arose when walking along city streets in seek of empty cafĂ© chairs behind wet glass. The project’s idea was inspired by the rise of social media - and the constant need to edit our lives online as a means of establishing and maintaining relationships. As mental focus is increasingly directed towards cyber relations via mobile devices - even when people are supposedly together with others - verbal conversation seems doomed to become a lost art. The project's intention is to shed pensive light on this lack of face-to-face communication, which comes with the risk of distancing relationships that exist in the physical world. 

Click here to see the awarded photo.